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Screen Capture Pro ($35.00 - US) 19.95 fall special

Screen Capture Pro multiple-computer discounts start at 38% for a two computer license.

Because many professionals use more than one computer simultaneously, deep discounts are provided when
multiple-computer licenses are purchased at the same time. With a 38% discount for a two-computer license, the second license is only $4.79.


A two-computer license with the "fall special" is just 12.32 for each license - this is only $4.79 for the second license.

Why Screen Capture Pro:

The Screen Capture Pro MenuFree™ design, dynamic cropping, and AlwaysOn™ implementation makes it the most productive screen capture utility available.

  • Are you a technical writer who frequently does screen captures?
  • Is productivity more important than a dozen features that are rarely used?
  • Would you like to produce document ready screen captures quickly?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, Screen Capture Pro is just what you need.

Screen Capture Pro design considerations:

Careful research determined the most important screen capture features and the causes of lost productivity. This research was used to define the:

  • MenuFree™ design
  • Five keyboard-shortcut enabled modes - Full Screen, Dialog box, Window, Region, and Fixed size region
  • All capture mode shortcuts are user defined and available simultaneously
  • Three capture states - Combination state, Keyboard only state, Application-live state
  • User defined capture profiles
  • Dynamic editing with a floating magnifier
  • Capture preview including modify without starting a new capture
  • AlwaysOn Implementation

Screen Capture Pro is a utility that was designed specifically for technical writers and software professionals.


When Screen Capture Pro is active, it sits in the systray waiting for the user defined shortcut key to be pressed.

Windows Vista toolbar

Windows XP toolbar

Windows classic toolbar

Crop captures dynamically!

The Screen Capture Pro powerful dynamic cropping (with a floating magnifier) allows captures to be created and ready for user guides, web sites, or online help systems at the time of capture. This eliminates the need to adjust screen captures later with other graphics tools.

MenuFree Dialog box
By using IntuitiveTools MenuFree™ design, Screen Capture Pro eliminated the navigation bottlenecks.
All configuration options are a click away provided on a single screen.
With IntuitiveTools AlwaysOn™ feature, one click provides access to the Screen Capture Pro dialog box.

When you do need to change the file name, destination directory, or keyboard shortcut, the MenuFree
dialog box is just a click away.

MenuFree™ dialog box
Actual size

For a complete review of all the Screen Capture Pro features, see the Screen Capture Pro online help.


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