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About Screen Capture Pro:

Screen Capture Pro is the best capture utility I've ever seen, period! It is brilliantly designed and elegantly implemented, its various modes and states are intuitive and logical, its operation is unobtrusive -- and the Application-Live state alone is worth the price. If screen capture is a regular part of your workday, you can't afford not to have this program!

David Gash - HyperTrain dot Com

With Screen Capture Pro, you can quickly capture exactly what you need in one step. It can't get any easier! Definitely recommended.

Scott DeLoach - Founder, ClickStart

Screen Capture Pro kicks ass!

Jan Genge - PHP specialist and website designer

I want to tell you how much I appreciate Screen Capture Pro.

I use it primarily when writing whitepapers and documentation which require a lot of application captures. the option of capturing menues full and part windows is great. The flexibility is what I realy treasure.

Being able to configure the short-cut keys to avoid conflicts with the application, defining the directory for captures, defining the standard storage format for the graphics. I can make the captures and import them directly into my documents, no more editing or cropping after the fact, no more conversion problems from one application to the next.

The speed of the captures, the mouse in the right spot, one key press and there it is, most helpful when following on-line presentations.

I will never go back to my other screen capture methods again.

Tom Coats - VSO - EAO Security Officer
Outsourcing Security & Compliance - Hewlett Packard

Regarding IT Screen Capture Pro

I have used other tools to do screen captures. The unique thing about this tool is that I can easily toggle between capturing modes, for example a fixed size area, a window, a dialog box or the complete screen. This saves me a lot of time.

A huge plus is that I can keep the application that I am documenting active while IT screen capture keeps running.

Annette Maier, R&D Project Manager, Hewlett Packard GmbH, Germany

I found out about the Screen Capture Utility from ViceVersa/Compare&Merge website.

I'm using Screen Capture to get full screen renderings from the video game I'm writing. Works great for that whether using OpenGL or DirectX.

I've used many different screen capture utilities over the years. Most recently, before your program, I was using a utility from HP that came with a suite of programs accompanying my printer.

Don Harvey - Video Game programmer

Superb tool. There when I need it and does not get in my way at any point. Integrates seemlessly into the workflow of writing documents on software with lots of screenshots.

Laslo Bednarik - Software Engineer

IT Screen Capture Pro makes my job easier. I love it. In the past, I'd use a screen capture tool, then pull the screen capture into Paint to crop it, then copy and paste it. Now, I simply pull up Screen Capture Pro, choose and crop onscreen and save. There's nothing to it. I'm a writer, but Screen Capture Pro makes me look like a graphics whiz. My documents can include screen shots of exactly what I want to illustrate, with very little effort on my part. I saw a demonstration of the tool in a meeting, downloaded the demo version, and fell in love. I bought it almost immediately--it's that good. Jim, thanks for introducing me to this great tool.

Mickey Platko - Technical Editor, Content Quality Standards Aesbus Knowledge Solutions


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