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RC Localize ($129.00)

RC Localize is a tool, to help you localize your Windows resource files from Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.Net, or other applications.

Localize your application easily. Select the resource file, add the languages in which you want, localize your application, and you are ready to start the translation. The RC Localize integrated environment simplifies the localization of your resource text, and helps you generate a more secure release. For each item, you see the text in your native language and translations in each language you add to the resource. Moreover, RC Localize displays the dialog, and you immediately see the localization results.

Your time is valuable:

RC Localize will save you time and make your application more secure. It is no longer necessary to use the fastidious Visual Studio editor for localizing your resource files. RC Localize makes navigating through your resources easy and displays them in Unicode. When you update a project, RC Localize finds items which have not yet been translated or which need to be checked.

Leave translation to translators:

Provide translators with the RC Localize project. This will allow them to focus on the translation. Translators do not need to have your resource files or edit them with the Visual Studio resources editor. RC Localize previews the dialogs. This is a great help in understanding the localization context. Moreover, verification flags will help translators find the items that have been modified and need to be rechecked.

Create a more secure release of your application:

Using RC Localize you are sure that all items of the original resource are in the localized resource.
It is not safe to use the Visual Studio resource editor for localizing your resources files. Your application could crash if you add an item to a dialog in a given language and omit to add it in the other languages in your resource. You can also forget to translate an item or forget to report changes among the different languages in your resource.

Using RC Localize your localized resources are copied from the one that is used to finalize your application. Moreover, the resource checking feature makes your localized application more secure. RC Localize also checks and corrects mnemonics and verifies that text fits in the dialog item boundary.

Localized resources can contain one or more languages:

When exporting localized ressources from RC Localize, you choose the language you want to include and the export format (ANSI or unicode). Nothing is easier for generating a multilingual release for your application.


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